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Hoang Do


Hi. I am Hoang. I am a Vancouver-based photographer; I became seriously interested in photography in 2009 and have learned about it through a combination of courses and self-study. My work as a designer in the animation industry has also served me as a photographer as it has helped me to see life as a series of abstract compositions. After the birth of my son Felix, in February 2015, I was lucky enough to take paternity leave and, in addition to dad-duties, I used this time to deepen my knowledge of and experience with photography.


I specialize in documentary photography. While documentary photography originates with photojournalism and is frequently used to document significant social and historical moments, I like to apply this style to everyday life encounters. This take on documentary photography has been popularized as “street photography.” I make use of this style in my portraiture and in my approach to photographing events because I believe that it allows the specificity and the unique beauty of each person and each moment to shine through. Whenever I send photographs to a client, it is my goal to have them really see themselves, and their relationships, in my images. While this style of photography does not always produce the standard or even the expected shots, what it can reveal is a deep beauty that people do not always see or recognize within themselves or within their familiar surroundings. That is why I love it.

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